Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's best if you do it with ALMOST a British accent (The Best Parts Of Songs, 1)

It's a Minibest!

Did you ever stop, when listening to a song, and think about what it is you really like about that song?

Okay, so you didn't. But I do, all the time. (It spares me from having to think about important things, like stopping the Babies! from climbing up on the kitchen table without their pants on, and then it distracts me from thinking about things I'd rather not think about, like what I'm going to tell Sweetie about how we got tiny butt prints on the kitchen table.)

I think about parts of songs that stick out, the parts of songs that make a good song better and make an okay song a good song.

Sometimes those parts of songs are important enough that they could, I imagine, help bring the world together in peace and harmony.

Other times, they're just the cool part of a song that I like .

So for July, my MiniBests are going to feature as many of The Best Parts Of Songs as I have time to write about, beginning with number one: The "I Don't Care" from "No More Kings," by Schoolhouse Rock:

This song is what gave me the idea to begin talking about The Best Parts Of Songs as I was driving home from work one day listening to it. I was singing along with it ("anything you say king it's okay king") and got to the part where the singer imitates King George:

"But when the colonies complained, the king said, "I... don't... care."

(It's at 1:50 or so

and what made that so great, for me, was how the singer imitates the king, kind of, doing a bit of the king's voice. That's the part that just puts that song up over the top. That's showmanship. You don't see that anymore. It used to be that singers really put their hearts into things -- they bit the heads off of bats or smashed guitars or mimicked King George's voice. These young stars today, they don't do that.

Plus, if you're singing along with that song, and you do the King George voice, the guy in the next car will probably give you the same look I got when I did that at stoplight.

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