Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes! Another reader! My span of influence now extends to ... well, probably about five people, if you count the Babies! (Who don't actually listen.)

Remember when I said I wanted to start a thing, and the thing I wanted to start was getting people to use the phrase "Put A Ring On It" in everyday life to describe things they like?

Sure you do -- it was right here.

Well, bow before me, global population, because my influence is felt far and wide. Check out this post from Filmdrunk:

The one who calls himself Punchface Thunderdog (who previously made the George Washington vs. Zombies picture that you’ve probably seen on FilmDrunk a few times) made this photoshop out of the Brothers poster, and I liked it so much I put a ring on it. Look how much concentration is going on in this picture now. I’m wilting from the pensiveness. Don’t try this at home.

That's right. I did that. Up top! Anybody? Don't leave me hanging.

Who else reads this blog? Check it out by clicking here. And you read it! You do!

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