Thursday, July 30, 2009

I could probably make some kind of Godfather-related quote, like "Everytime I think I understand... they pull me back in." But I won't.

Is email obsolete? Probably, and I only just got used to it, too.

Nobody needs email anymore. Now, and in the future, everyone's going to need Forms.

What are Forms? Let me try to explain it to you -- but be forewarned, it's a lot cooler and more high-tech than anything I can truly explain. Everytime I think I know enough about computers and the web and that I'm up-to-date on what's going on, someone comes along and makes it a little more complicated and a lot more better, and that's what happened now with Forms.

Forms are new technology run by HotForms123, and they allow you and me and everyone to make online forms faster and more easily. Forms that can be used to contact people, register for events, track information and collect data, provide tech support, take surveys and otherwise manage and collect and disseminate data. Forms are like email, a blog, a survey, and a team of experts, all rolled into one.

And while that all sounds complicated, with HotForms123 (whose motto is:
Need Forms? We Got Forms.), you can get your forms running in minutes. They offer pre-made contact forms that require you to enter an email and then generate your custom forms -- they'll give you the code to insert that into your blog, email, Facebook page, or even electronic newsletters.

Those forms then allow you to collect and disseminate information -- through hundreds of templates that are customized with your own content -- and the use of forms is invaluable to sales and tech support people, and to bloggers who want to keep in touch and up-to-date with their readers.

Plus, you can change the forms easily without cutting-and-pasting new code or other time-consuming alterations, so that your form can gather one kind of information during the day, and another at night, allowing you to (for example) change a survey depending on the time of day, and do it easily.

HotForms123 doesn't require any programming knowledge at all (good for me!) and the process couldn't be easier. So quit emailing and start forming.

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