Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The answer is: I need to increase some, and decrease others. It's all a journey. (The Best Parts Of Songs, 3)

Do you, like me, listen to songs while anxiously awaiting the part you like best? Do you, like me, sometimes rewind just to hear that part again? Do you, like me, sometimes do that obsessively, over and over again, until that part is burned into your brain? Do you, like me, do that so much that your coworkers come in and ask if you need to increase/decrease your medication?

Am I too weird?

Don't answer that last one.

My survey, this month, of The Best Parts Of Songs now takes us off to an exotic locale: Fibber Island, courtesy of They Might Be Giants:

The part I like best about that song starts at 0:58 in: the background voices. I imagine, when I hear them, something you might see on the Muppet Show: say, They Might Be Giants on an island, singing about the wonders of Fibber Island, and when those voices kick in, everything in the background suddenly gets eyes and a mouth and begins singing along.

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