Friday, July 10, 2009

I pay attention to Sweetie. Honestly, I do. Mostly. What'd you say? (The Best Parts Of Songs, 2)

I mentioned to Sweetie the other day that I was going to, for my "MiniBest" theme this month, do The Best Parts Of Songs, and she said "Like the piano in November Rain?"

So I said: "Um. What?"

She said: "That's my favorite part of that song. The piano part."

I agreed with her and we talked about it a little more, which songs I liked and which songs she liked, and then I said to her: "I'll put yours on the blog, too. I've just got to remember: the guitar in November Rain."

"No," Sweetie said. "The piano part. Piano part."

So, here's a rare Sweetie nomination for a Best:

The Best Part of November Rain, the Guitar part Piano part!

Other Best Parts Of Songs:

I Don't Care, from "No More Kings."

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