Friday, April 18, 2014

Time Is A Penumbra (A To Z Challenge)(250=1)

Time Is A Penumbra.

Almost-shadow: depending on where a person stands, all or some obscuring of the light occurs.

The light is the future.  It shines all around us and over us and on us, but because we stand in the penumbra, the future is eclipsed by the present and so we do not see it.

If you stay in the middle, none of the light gets through and you wander through life exactly like a person in a dark room: unsure, arms outstretched, flinching from easily-imagined collisions with endtables or walls you did not know were in front of you. But if you manage to step to the edge, glimpses of the light are possible.

A man makes his way to the edge of the occluding body, the occlusion being his own existence. He sees some of the light, catches glimpses of his future: sitting on a bus as the Navy Pier recedes, carrying a birthday cake with eleven candles flaring atop it, first clasping hands and then awkwardly hugging another man.  He experiences these things the way eyes experience a photograph: knowing that they are real while also knowing they are images.

The light is painfully bright and one must be careful not to wander too far out, for the light can blind, and make it hard to find one’s way back, so most stay in the shadow or at best stick their head out fleetingly.  Some brave, or foolish, souls go into the light and stay there. 


This is one of those 250=1 stories, in which the story is exactly 250 words long including the title. No more, no less. I guess that's the meaning of the word exactly, though, so you probably got that.  I'm going to eventually write 250 of them and then publish them all in a book, and then be a gazillionaire, and then move to Hawaii, and then find a seashell and then take that seashell back to my home and put it on a shelf by the fireplace, and then probably eat dinner, I guess. I'd probably be hungry by then.

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Robin said...

Have you read the book Illusions by Richard Bach? If not, I think you would like it.

Oh those foolish souls who bravely dance into the light not knowing what might await them.

Joy Pagel said...

I haven't read that one. I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull and there was one other one by him.

The Seagull book was sort of the inspiration for ABCDE. Or at least an influence on it.

Andrew Leon said...

So you're into walking in darkness today?

I read the Seagull book, but I don't really much remember it. It was more than 20 years ago.

storytreasury said...

I really liked the imagery in this.

Liz A. said...

It must be Friday. I can't get my head around this. Mind...foggy.