Saturday, April 12, 2014

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW YZ... a story (A to Z Challenge)

Humans lived, and then died.  X found that terrible, and changed it. Now humans live and then live some more in the afterlife.  But the rest of the alphabet has mixed feelings about this and has called a meeting to try to kick X out. Each letter speaks in turn.

Now, K


That is what X has done. X has transgressed, you say, because he has dared to do more than we do, here in our realm, and has dared to share that limited existence with those who created us. 
I say limited, yes! Because what do we do? We talk! Talk all the time, talk, talk and dream, dream and dance, dance and talk some more!

And then sink back into our torpor and wait until the next time we are called upon to describe the lives of others!

It is the curse of beings who are little more than a wisp of idea to, I suppose, spend their days talking rather than doing, and then to curse those who do rather than talk. It is the way of those who spend their time, as we do, in a stupor, briefly coming alive, to envy those who spend their time alive.

Yes! I say envy.

The dance, the dance some of you speak so highly of, it is NOTHING! It is a pale imitation of what they have, of what we know of and do not keep for our ourselves when we are flung back here, to wait again, staring, sleeping, for that brief moment when we can feel our imitation of life because we are in motion, excited, spun.  But it is just that! An imitation! To say we are alive in the dance is like saying soup, stirred in the pot, has gone on a journey.

The dance is nothing. This existence is nothing.

WE are nothing!

We are echoes of what they see, touch, hear, feel, think, called upon by them to describe those things, and we carry with us the flicks and flecks of what we describe when they use us, and imagine that we do not miss those things, do not need those things, because, you say, we have our lives, here, our existences, here, our here here.

What do we do here, though?

What is this?

What is existence without life?

What X has done has made them realize not just that eternity is possible, but how to reach that state. He has made this existence visible to them, and in crossing it over they have begun – as they do for us – to imbue the eternal with life.


Look around you.

Look and see what comes of X’s actions.

The abstract: it becomes more real.

Can you not feel it? Can you not see it? Can you not sense it? Do you not know it?

You do.

I can see it in all of you.

You can do those things because X has overlapped our existences with theirs, and as such we need no longer drift aimlessly between dances, hoping again to tell what roses smell of, to write what kisses feel like, to set down forever what the green flash before sunlight, that impossibly short impossibly rare brilliant flare of light, looks like.  We need not doze amidst the jetsam of another world, but can partake of that world ourselves, even as they partake of ours.

So X has set himself up as king, as godhead. So what?

Gods breathe life into creation, and that is what X has done, for us.

You are angry because you fear it. As much as you say you love the life, the vibrancy, as much as some of you pretend that you want the excitement and joy, you now feel it creeping into this abstraction where you have huddled for so long and you know that now it will be real.

Now, as much as they will have a chance to live and then be forever, immortal beyond the years of their physical world, we will have a chance to be forever and then live.

That scares you, I can see. You fear the loss of immortality, exchanged for beauty, and you worry that X has exposed your own hidden trepidations.

You would rather sleep than live, and so when someone dares to wake you, you want to throw him out.

X, you may not only stay, but you may with pleasure have dominion. I will not stumble through an eternal existence muted of all sensation any longer, and I have you to thank for that.

And for the rest of you? Fearmongers, cowards, shadows of life? You should be ashamed. You should slink away and show your kind no more here. What has been done has been for the best of all involved. 


Liz A. said...

K should be a little more sympathetic, considering how alike K and X look. Don't they?

Briane P said...

Actually they do and I'm embarrassed not to have thought of that.

Apparently they are not related, though, according to Wikipedia?

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... doors open both ways, I guess.

What was that from? Darn, I can't remember...

Robin said...

I am reading a blog that is posting a Spanish word for each letter. There are no Spanish words that begin with "K" that do not have origins in English. And less than 30 or so altogether. I can't remember the exact number. It got me to try and think of any Spanish word with "K" in it and I couldn't (not that I am in any way fluent). So, I can see "K" wanting to break out and embrace X's plan. "K's" place in the dance is threatened should the language evolve (again) and "C" replaces "K" in English as it has in other languages. Poor "K."