Saturday, April 05, 2014

Electricity (A To Z Challenge)

Hey, readers! For the A To Z Challenge, I'm doing Two-A-Days: Each day there's a 250-word short story in my series 250=1 (stories that are always exactly 250 words long including the title) and an installment in my serialized story about the alphabet kicking X out (or trying to.)

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And now, the 250 story: 


Electrons do not sleep. They do not dream. They do not fall in love. Or do they?

They do move in one direction, or the other.  If they move. Do they move? It’s not clear if they move. Not to them. Not to an individual electron existing in its own life, moving or not, as the case may be, in love or not, as the case may be.

Electrons are not a whole thing, except that they are. One electron on its own is not an atom, the ‘building block’ of the universe, but electrons make up atoms, so electrons are the building blocks of the building blocks.

Which is something, anyway.

A particular electron, existing, wonders about the universe in which it finds itself, whether that universe is a transistor radio in the 1950s or a supercomputer on another planet in the 2770s or simply a momentary spark of static electricity in a Woolworth’s grocery store at no particular time.

That electron wonders if his universe is infinite. If he and the electrons around him including the one he doesn’t particularly like (and the one he is infatuated with [assuming electrons do that]) are alone. If they were made or just happened.

That electron goes to work each day (do they have days?) and comes home (do they have homes?) and eats dinner (ditto?) and then goes to bed at night, questions unanswered.

Answers unquestioned, too, though. And that is something.

This is a biography, not a metaphor.


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Robin said...

Your brain must be an interesting place to live. Seriously.

I am glad that answered, or didn't answer, this mind-consuming question.

Michelle Wallace said...

Your think-out-of-the-box mentality is awesome!
Visiting via the A to Z challenge.
Writer In Transit

Liz A. said...

But do you see it or do you not? (Sorry, electrons make me think of Werner Heisenberg.)

Andrew Leon said...

I think electrons are in love, because they are always paired, even when they are separated.

Elise Abram said...

Love this post, especially the disclaimer at the end (biography not metaphor).

Sharu said...

Mind boggling. I wish I could read your mind always, but no - that would make me tired. Wow.

Live Laugh Love With Sharu

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