Monday, April 14, 2014


The alphabet had gathered to decide what to do about X introducing immortality to humans -- but something now intrudes on their meeting! Each letter tells his or her own version of what happened. 

And now, L:


Something is happening.

Look: someone is here.

It is…


What is it, woman! How do you come here? How do you exist where nothing truly exists? How do you move and walk and talk where nothing has moved before of its own volition?

How do you see us?


Speak, woman!



Look at her! Weeping, still, with eyes that can no more feel tears than the can any longer feel the warm breezes of spring or the soft caress of her dead lover’s hand or the sting of salt as she dives under the waves on holiday!

Where… am I?”

But could she feel those things, anymore, before she came here?

Who are all of you?

Woman. Human.  God. Creator: We are your creations.

Are you … angels?


And devils.

And people.

And things.

And nothings.

We are all things even as we are not those things.

What has happened to me?

This is not what you expected, is it? This is because it is incomplete! It is because you are the first! It was you who helped bring this about, you and your David, you and your love, David’s love for you, as incomplete as it was, your love for David, as all-consuming as it was! What was your life like, after he left you, woman? What was your world to you, without the one who meant the world to you?

“You want me to tell you of my life?

We know of your life, for we lived it with you, when you wrote to others, when you read, when you carved in trees your initials, when you typed your own last note: we were there. 

We want you to know of it, to carry it with you, those things you would bring along, to here.

Tell us not of your life.

Tell yourself of your life, that you may create anew a world here, one which will not end.  Others will follow you, woman and they will be as bewildered as you, but they will find more comfort here, less strangeness, because of you, the first!


This is eternity, woman.

Welcome. Welcome, to where all may stay.

The rest of you! Do not crowd her. Do not flee her.

And do we continue to debate that which is undebatable? What if we do command X to leave? What will that do? Now that we share eternity with them and they share reality with us, all we can do is punish, and it is doubtful whether we can do that.  Efforts to expunge gods have been made throughout history, and no god has ever left by force, or popular vote.

Gods leave when there is no longer a use for them.

Is God here?

I suppose one is, Diana.Sometimes, beings create their gods. Sometimes gods create their beings. 

And sometimes, it seems, gods create themselves.


Robin said...

No god has ever left by force or popular vote.

You're right. You've got some good ones here today. Bring out the T-shirts and go crazy.

Briane P said...

Woo hoo. Jillionaire status, here I come

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... Now, I'm wondering if her name being Diana is more symbolic than just starting with D.

Joy Pagel said...

It WOULD be, if I had given any thought to that.


I need to remind my reader(s?) from time to time that I am TERRIBLE at symbolism. Any symbolism you find is almost certainly unintentional.

Joy Pagel said...

I just read about Diana on Wikipedia, and I really wish I had done that first so I could claim that I named her Diana for a reason, but I did NOT.