Sunday, January 06, 2013

That's no kitten... it's a space station! (You're Famous...ish, So I Commented.)

You're Famous...ish, so I Commented is a new feature here, wherein I comment on a famous...ish person's blog.

Today's FIRST-EVER post-- not the first time I did this but the first time I decided to re-post it here -- was left this morning on the December 10th posting from an author named Veronica Roth.  Roth's post was about her awarding 6 people copies of something or other, while every other entrant got this:

which Roth described as

this consolation prize, which is a picture of a kitten that recently melted my brain with cute

 Here is what I said, in comment:


So like most of the people who have commented, I will add:

DARN! I DID NOT WIN! Which is not surprising as I only just found your blog here, at 6:46 a.m. on a Sunday morning when I shouldn't be up yet but here I am.

UP.  I mean: UP. "Here I am, UP."

Long story.

(It's not really a long story but you have to say that if you want to avoid telling the story. The story is short.)

Anyway, what I am wondering is what that kitten is doing.  Is he running from someone? Or to someone? Is he doing the robot, that dance that I don't think anyone actually did in the 1980s but which everyone thinks everyone in the 1980s was doing all the time? Perhaps the kitten is a hipster, a devotee of 80s pop culture and he is doing the robot because he thinks the dance was really big in the 1980s.  If so, he could be forgiven for his mistake.  He is a kitten, and probably has only been alive a few weeks, and doesn't know how to adjust his understanding of previous eras so that when things get MENTIONED a lot, people will not automatically equate that with those things having been actually DONE a lot.

Questions that will remain unanswered in this comment include but are not limited to:

1.  Why did I assume the kitten was a male?

2.  Would it have been too easy to make a martial arts reference and/or juxtapose the kitten with "The Matrix?"

3.  Probably, in answer to number 2.

4.  Why would I include #2 in a list of unanswered questions only to then answer it in number 3?

Mysteries wrapped in riddles!



1.  Is "Veronica Roth" a pseudonym? EXPLAIN.

2.  Assume the kitten is a metaphor.  Why would you assume that about a poor kitten? You are heartless.

3.  42? More like brie.



Andrew Leon said...

I think that cat just licked an electrical outlet. Not that it is not actually touching the floor and that all of its fur is sticking out.
Kittens are only similes; cats are metaphors. They like it that way.

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Is a hipster really a follower of 80's culture? I have heard "hipster" and have had no clue what that is!

I would assume you would assume the kitten is male because that's the go-to gender for all things unknown. Not sure why that is, though.

I know a Veronica Roth who is a writer, but it's not the same as Veronica Roth the YA writer. :)

Anonymous said...

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