Wednesday, January 23, 2013

283 words about "The Possession"

Here is the one main thing that sticks in my mind about the movie "The Possession."

Email does not work that way.

That doesn't say much for a horror movie, that the most memorable and most stupid thing about the movie, and doesn't say much about the writers' ability to manipulate a plot.

In The Possession, Kyra Sedgwick complains to her ex, the dad of the possessed (?) girl, that she's "getting his email" and so he does something on the computer to delete something and says it's fixed, but later in the movie, Kyra hands him a printout and hollers at him because he's considering moving and says she's still getting his emails.

You know, because she's got his old computers.  And apparently email just keeps going to whatever computer you once had.  It's probably those tiny electronic mailmen, never getting the hint no matter how many tiny electronic "We've moved!" postcards you send out.

That was the dumbest part in a movie full of hundreds of dumb moments and one sort-of-creepy image. It was dumber than the dog door that exists for no reason and which apparently a box-captured ghost can get through unless it was really a raccoon. It was dumber than a guy thinking he could do an exorcism based on two hours of Google research, and it was even dumber than the fact that the mystical prayer which recaptures the monster is simply saying its name over and over.  BUT REALLY LOUDLY because that's how religion works.

All of that= not as dumb as the email thing.  Even now, four days later, I still want to shake someone by the shoulders and say "Email does not work that way.


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PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

So I guess some 64-year-old retiree like my mom wrote the movie? Someone who doesn't understand that newfangled electronic mail.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

This is just another example of a writer who probably got paid to write that script has an established name over a much better writer who is an unknown.

Writer who has established name gets paid, gets more publishing credits, and unknown gets shit on.

Liz said...

So, don't bother with the horror movie I had no intention of seeing? Check.

Rusty Webb said...

You clearly haven't seen the latest in email technology. My phone woke me up last week in the middle of the night just to let me know that someone I've never heard of made a comment about a book I never read on a forum I never visited. I'm pretty sure demons were involved in there somewhere.