Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Mexico car insurance buyers have all the luck!

The goal for Sweetie and I this year is to save money.  "Save money!" we keep telling each other as we head to the mall.  "Save money!" we remind each other as we log into our Amazon accounts.  "Save money!" we shake our heads sadly and whisper as we go over our budget each Saturday morning.

It seems to be working so far, unless you count the fact that we haven't actually saved any money yet.  Baby steps, right?  And as part of that goal, we have been looking into reducing our expenses.  After all, it's not just discretionary (e.g., all these new, crummy songs Sweetie put on iTunes) spending that needs to be cut back.  It's stuff like basic costs of living.

Like car insurance.

Ever wonder why you pay so much for car insurance?  Aside from all those speeding tickets, I mean? Maybe it's because you didn't have the right insurance agent.  I was reading this website about cheap New Mexico car insurance found by the site.  Apparently all you have to do is enter your ZIP code... provided you live in New Mexico... and you can begin to compare quotes on insurance all over New Mexico, finding prices online instantly so you can pick out the best coverage for the cheapest price.

Frankly, I wish we had something like that around here.  We just go with our usual insurance agent, who tells us "I got you a policy and it's this much."  I don't even know who our insurer is.  Or what coverage we have.  For all I know, we're paying hundreds of dollars and we only have liability coverage if a hurricane causes the accident.

A site that would let me find the best available prices for insurance would free me from the tyranny of agents and commercials, and free up some more money -- so Sweetie and I could go out to eat for those budget meetings. 


Andrew Leon said...

I like our insurance people. They did right by us when our van exploded (burst into flames).

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