Saturday, January 05, 2013

Free stuff gets my creative juices flowing. Ew, that's kind of a gross image, now that I think of it. Let's try "Free stuff..." oops! OUT OF SPACE.

shhh.  I am composing a poem.  You are free to watch.  It is a free verse poem, which means it does not need to have rhyme or meter.  Which means it is not, technically, a "poem," but that is for another day.

I dreamt.
I dreamt I was a tiny speck of dust adrift upon a sea of indifference and remorse.

(It's important to have some sadness in a poem.  All poets are sad.  All poems are sad.  Even Dr Seuss poems, which you don't immediately associate with sad? They're sad.  Remember Green Eggs And Ham?  VERY SAD.  That poor guy got chased out of his house, rampaged through the countryside in a speeding car chased by vermin, and eventually was forced to eat soggy, cold green eggs and ham while adrift in the sea where his car had just sunk.)

(The sea, it should be noted, was a sea of indifference and remorse.)

Where was I?  Oh, yeah: I'm not actually sad, which makes it hard to write a poem.  I'm not sad because I know about, the spot for free stuff 2013.


All Free Samples has tons and tons of free stuff.  ALL OF IT, I would expect. Judging by the name.  But whatever you like, odds are they have something for you, free.  They've got, for example, free life insurance quotes.  I agree: NOT THAT EXCITING, but they're there.  But there's also free guides to using Photoshop, which means soon in photos I will look how I imagine I will look, and free medium beverages at Dunkin' Donuts, and a whole listing of great new free eBooks.

FREE books.  FREE DRINKS. life insurance.  Who could drown in a sea of despair and inadequacy knowing those things are out there?

(I KNOW, that was not the original poetic sea, but I am changing things up.  FREE VERSE.  Walt Whitman approves.)


joeh said...

Why would anyone ever PAY anything for a quote?

Andrew Leon said...

Free life insurance scares me.

Your thing about Dr Seuss made me (and my wife) laugh.