Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reader Nomination: The Best Choral Version of a Pop Song.

It seems that Anonymous really lit a match in the powder keg that was the debate over Choral Versions of Pop Songs. You never know where the next great controversy will come from -- health care, choral versions of pop songs, what sauces are acceptable for Chicken McNuggets and what sauces aren't (hot mustard sauce is not, I'm sorry to have to tell you) but when the argument starts, all you can do is ride it out like Tarzan clinging to the vine for dear life...

... which brings me to today's nomination. Reader Rob.James has this to say about all the nominations so far:

This lot sound like someone set a bag of cats on fire compared to the greatest kids choir in the world:

That's the PS22 Chorus, and they have a site and all, and that site for some reason mentions Marcia Gay Harden -- I'm always surprised when she shows up, anywhere; she's the kind of person I figure shouldn't be showing up places -- and also mentions that David Hasselhoff is a fan of theirs (and Phil Donahue, who amazingly is still alive.)

The site goes on to mention more stuff about the PS22 Chorus, but why read about them when you can listen to them sing? They're awesome:

But I've saved the best one for last:

And, they're from Staten Island -- the most underrepresented (Least over-represented?) borough of them all!

Previous nominations in this category:

Sacramento State Jazz Singers.

Capital Children's Choir.

The original nomination (multiple songs.)

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