Friday, February 12, 2010

The Best Impossible Sports Story, 2

It's A MiniBest!

Is surfing a sport? That's a question I'll answer one of these days when I get around to it. For now, let's just assume it's a sport, and because it's (presumably) a sport, it also (presumably) has impossible things happen during that sport.

Impossible things like surfing upriver. For 12 kilometers -- which is probably quite a long ways, if it was measured in real distances, like miles or furlongs.

Surfer, and professional Brazilian Picuruta Salazar did that Impossible Thing when he surfed the Pororoca Tidal Wave, a wave that annually sweeps up the Amazon River, carrying with it the full fury of the Atlantic Ocean, debris, tons of crazy surfers and (I'm guessing) piranhas. Because piranhas (and giant anaconda snakes) are rampant in the Amazon. Also, there were probably those tiny fish that swim into men's penises and then spread their spines -- those exist, you know -- but none of that fazed Picuruta Salazar as he surfed 12.5 km -- a bunch of feet, I assume -- up the Amazon river.

This isn't Picuruta, but it is surfing the Amazon:

And this is more surfing down the Amazon:

And this, for good measure, is a piranha attack on a bird:

And this is a giant anaconda that lives in South America, all of which makes me wonder, why would anyone live in Brazil?

Oh, yeah.
Now I remember:

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