Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm trying to remember his name. General Zod? Was that it? Help me out, here.

If you've never hired a mover, you probably assume that when you do hire someone to come and move your house, you'll be getting a bunch of guys who are more or less like those enforcer apes from Planets of the Apes, the really tough gorillas who wore leather -- only the movers will have less deodorant and be rougher on your luggage.

That's the image I get every time I think of hiring a mover. That or that commercial where a gorilla beats up a piece of luggage. (I don't know what that had to do with Snickers bars, but that's advertising for you.)

I have those images, and you have those images, because you and I have never called Melrose Moving. This Moving Company Los Angeles is out to change the image of movers, and they're doing that in the best way: By being a great moving company with professional movers, clean trucks, courteous professionals, and... there's something else. Something I'm forgetting.


Sound good? It does, doesn't it.

Melrose Moving is shaking up the world of Moving Companies Los Angeles sees by making sure everything's done right. They hire professional movers, not college kids who are hungover (or apes.) They have trucks that are clean enough to handle even your fanciest furniture (that bean bag chair shaped like a rhino), with ramps to get your things onto the trucks in style. They handle office and home moving, and they'll work on short notice (unlike me.)

The only downside? They're located in Los Angeles, so if you're trying to move stuff from Maine to Nantucket, you're out of luck-et. (I just made that up!)

But if you do live in the LA area and you're looking for the best of all the Los Angeles Moving Companies, call Melrose Moving at 1-800-431-3920 and get the best prices for the best movers around.

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