Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Eclipse Now Available On the Kindle For $0.99!

Claudius' path to the stars was layered in blood and lit by madness...

As a little boy, Claudius would close his eyes and look to the stars in hopes of escaping from the pain and misery of his life.

As a grown man, Claudius murdered his two shipmates while the rocket disintegrated around them, leaving him drifting helpless and alone in space, awaiting a rescue that may never come.

Or did he?

In Eclipse, you'll follow the tortured paths of a mind reeling in madness, seeing the world through the ever-changing view Claudius has: astronaut, high school boy, patient, doctor, killer, victim. Follow Claudius forward and backward through his life, revisiting his childhood, his time at NASA and interviews with psychiatrists, and the ending of the first manned mission to the stars... while all the time, the mystery of what really happened, at each step continues to unfold and grows deeper.

Eclipse is a haunting science fiction tale in the Ray Bradbury mold, a story that takes on new life and new meaning each time you read it, and a story that you will never forget.

And it's now available on the Kindle! You can download Eclipse for just ninety-nine cents!

Click this link to go to the Amazon page to download this story on your Kindle now!

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