Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reader Nomination: The Best Choral Version of A Pop Song.

Why do people comment anonymously? Not only can you win stuff by commenting -- look to your left and see details on that -- but also when you come up with a great nomination, you deserve accolades for doing so.

And Anonymous has come up with a great nomination. Commenting on my post The Best Choral Version of A Pop Song, Anonymous suggested that I try the video found at a link posted there. I followed the link and got this:

That was incredible. So incredible that I listened to other stuff by that group, because the Capital Children's Choir didn't just do that one. They did Sweet Child O' Mine:

Which means that I now live in a world where Guns 'n' Roses was covered by angel-voiced kids, a world where anything is possible, a world where I might someday have rocket shoes.

See, Anonymous? You've allowed me to dream of rocket shoes. For that, I thank you.


Merton Sussex said...

Agreed. That was awful pretty. But...I see your Capital Children's Choir and raise you the Sacramento State Jazz Singers, with their version of Ben Folds' "Selfless, Cold and Composed":


Total disclosure: I love Ben Folds beyond all reason, but this has become the definitive version of this song for me. It's ASTONISHINGLY good. Makes the hair stand up on my arms.

Plus, not to ding your cherubic youngsters? But that little girl at :56 was auto-tuned to within an inch of her tender young life. Just sayin'.

rob.james said...

This lot sound like someone set a bag of cats on fire compared to the greatest kids choir in the world: