Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Next Best Song By Alli Millstein: "Mend My Heart."

Update: Read what Alli has to say about this song here.

You didn't think that I forgot that November was Alli Millstein Month for Minibests, did you? I didn't, of course -- but I also didn't get around to posting all of the songs off of her phenomenal album Human Nature (buy it here!) in part because I was waiting to hear back on my latest set of questions for Alli, who's been busy.

But, because her album is great and because I didn't finish up in November, I'm declaring that December is ALSO ALLI MILLSTEIN MONTH, and providing you with The Next Best Song By Alli Millstein, the song "Mend My Heart." Here it is, with my amazingly detailed video:

I haven't gotten Alli's input on this song yet, but I chose it for the second one on the list because it's actually my favorite of her songs. I like best, I think, the simple back-and-forth of the music behind the song, and I like the lyrics:

Its that time of year again
The air smells of summer
Rub your eyes and rise from bed
To wake from winter's slumber.

At this point in time last year
Everything was changing.
He broke my heart into pieces,
It took some rearranging.

But now I have a needle and thread,
Sew it up and it will beat again.
Yeah now I have a needle and thread,
Sew it up and it will beat again.

I always hold your arms so tight
while we're sleeping
It's hard for me let go of you
While I'm dreaming.
We will fall into the sea
our hearts and eyes open
our hands are warm our feet are free
we float through the ocean.

and I reach my arm

for a needle and thread
you sew my heart and it beats again
yeah you held my heart
in your own two hands
and now its ready to beat again.

Especially the part about two people sleeping, arms held tight, dreaming of falling into a warm safe sea and floating away; that's an image of romance that's so perfect, it makes you wonder why nobody ever came up with it before.

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