Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Spaceman From Pluto?" Ridiculous: Everyone knows Spacemen Are From Neptune.

I like reading up on all kinds of arts -- not just the movies and TV shows that get covered heavily in magazines and the 'net, but also on paintings, museums, plays, music, and more. And I like especially an offbeat or unusual article about something; whether the subject or the way it's written is a little un-ordinary, that kind of thing appeals to me more than just another movie review.

That's why I like to browse the Arts and Entertainment section at A1 Articles.

A1 Articles is a service that lets you write and add your own articles to their directory, and also to use their articles and repost them -- or get professionally written copy for your site. Those are all great things, but I enjoy most just getting the rundown on everything from Austin's music scene (where I find out about bands before they hit the national scene) to quirky articles like the one I read today about what movies COULD have been called (like calling "Pretty Woman" "3000" instead, or calling "Back To The Future" by the name "Spaceman From Pluto."

The articles cover every topic I can think of, and that's saying a lot, because Arts & Entertainment is pretty broad and I can think of a lot of stuff. Check it out yourself and see what you think -- I'm betting you'll agree with me.

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Spacemen from pluto? Exhibit A: