Friday, November 27, 2009

The Best Way To Get Some Free Time. (Easy Good Things: Time)

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Tip: Schedule everything.

Category: Time.

I have a schedule for pretty much everything I do. I have a work schedule (with its own schedules there), a schedule for when I write, a schedule for when I exercise, a schedule for when I teach the Babies! how to write their names... or at least make big swirly circles that I'll say kind of look like their names... and more schedules than that.

That may sound as though it doesn't leave a lot of free time, but you're wrong and I'm right, and here's why: Scheduling things to be done at certain times means they don't have to be done at other times.

A big problem in my, and I bet your life, is the feeling that I should be doing something. We're always so busy that when we're not busy, we feel like we should be busy, and either go do something to be busy, or feel guilty about not being busy. The result? No down time and no relaxation.

Take working out: We all know we should exercise, and we all know we don't exercise enough. As a result, when we have free time, or time that would otherwise be free, we're likely to either use that to exercise, or, more likely, use that to feel bad about not exercising.

I work out on a schedule: I work out every "Day that's divisible by three," and on Sunday nights, I do yoga, too. That comes out to about 10 workouts a month, plus yoga. The benefits of that schedule are that on days that aren't divisible by three, I don't feel as though I should be working out. I've got my scheduled time to work out, and so I'm free to not do it at other times. Today's a workout day, as it turns out, so in a little while I'll go jogging. Tomorrow's a Saturday, and not a workout day -- and I'll be free to laze around watching Lost, season 3, secure in the knowledge that I'm using my time wisely.


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