Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update To The Next Best Song By Alli Millstein: "Mend My Heart."

It's a MiniBest!

When I posted The Next Best Song By Alli Millstein two weeks ago, I hadn't heard back from Alli yet about the song. It turns out that Alli does things besides sit around and wait to get email from bloggers. Who knew?

But she has gotten back to me, now, and has this explanation for the song Mend My Heart:

I asked Alli:

1. Is it based on a real-life experience? Yours or someone else's?

Alli responded: It is based on a real life experience. Basically what I explain in the song, is what happened. I had a relationship with someone, but it didn't work like I hoped it would. As they say, time heals all wounds, and I ended up finding another individual who could put things in perspective. I know people say not to end a relationship then start a new one right away, but I think that sometimes having a "rebound" can help an individual move on.

2. Did you always have that same metronomic/back-and-forth melody in the background?

Alli: I came up with the lyrics to that song, and the melody at basically the same time. I sort of came up with that guitar riff after seeing Juno (figures), and then came up with a corresponding melody and lyrical line. I was listening to tons of Kimya Dawson at the time, and I think it shows.

3. The imagery of the lovers falling into the ocean in a dream: Did you come up with that on your own, or was that from another source (i.e., a book, or movie or something?)

Alli: The imagery of the lovers falling into the ocean came from me. I was on a bus ride with the person I was seeing at the time, and I fell asleep and was dreaming about the bus falling into the sea. When I woke up he said I had been gripping his hand tightly as I slept. During that time, it was a very beautiful part of our relationship, and those lyrics just sort of found their way into my head.

Here's the song, again, for you:

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