Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome another TBOE reader.

Do you suppose that reader/Newsweek writer Mark Hosenball was my 200,000 visitor? After all, I wrote on August 6 about how overrated Woodstock was, then on August 11 or 12 I got my 200,000 hit, then just today, Mark Hosenball posted an article...

... On Newsweek

... about how overrated Woodstock was.

Welcome to the evergrowing ranks of my readers, Mark Hosenball!

P.S. If you were the 200,000 hit, you're entitled to a copy of one of my books. Even if you are a baby boomer.

UPDATE: I got this email from Mr. Hosenball the day after my article appeared:

sorry, but i wasn't even aware of your blog's existence until now, when someone called my attention to your link to my newsweek story about woodstock. so i didn't copy your idea. anyway, i suppose this is just more evidence that great minds think alike.

rgds. mh

I appreciate his explanation. I feel compelled to note that at no point did I accuse Mr. Hosenball of copying my idea; the idea(s) that Woodstock wasn't all that great and that we only keep hearing about the stupid thing because Baby Boomers will simply pay lots of money to anyone who helps them keep remembering their supposedly-inspiring past is not (like the Baby Boomers' creative output itself) particularly new or creative.

What I did say is that I wrote it first and was right.

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