Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ooh, la la! (The Best Comic Book Characters I'm Pretty Sure Only I Recall, 5)

It's a MiniBest!

I wonder if anyone will guess, before I get to it, why I remember entry number 5 on this list?

Entry number 5 is Cracked Investigative Reporter Nanny Dickering.

Character: Nanny Dickering.

What Was The Deal With Nanny Dickering? She was an investigative reporter who appeared each month in Cracked magazine back when Cracked was a magazine that I'd buy at the Piggly Wiggly on Main Street in Hartland. The one next to the Hopkins Savings & Loan. All three are no longer with us. Each month, Nanny would interview the "King" of something that was kind of timely or about which someone could make jokes. Sort of like this blog, now that I think about it. So apparently Nanny Dickering had an impact on me in more ways than the obvious.

Why I Remember Her: Not hard to figure out. I was buying Cracked magazine when I was 12 or so. That was before the Internet, before DVD players, before cable TV and Dish networks. Cracked was porn, back then. At least, Nanny Dickering was. Porn that 12 year olds could buy, because Mom disapproved in general of the magazine, but thought of it as just a humor magazine -- she never read through to the last article, Nanny's part.

Given that the last post admitted there was no real point to the whole entry on Syzygy Darklock, is there any point to this post? Not at all. Except maybe to point out that for a long time I thought it was Nancy Dickerson, but it wasn't. I could remember Nanny perfectly, except for her name. Everything else was engraved in my memory, except her name.

Other than to make you, nearly 3 decades later, search for "Nanny Dickering" only you searched for Nancy Dickerson, misremembering the name, until today when for some reason you recalled her real name, did Nanny Dickering have any other lasting effect on you? Hard to say. I don't think so. After all, once I moved on from Cracked magazine, I developed other crushes on other women in pop culture, like on

Samantha Fox


Sarah Michelle Gellar


Lucy Lawless

So, no, I'd say, reading Nanny Dickering in Cracked as a kid had little to no longlasting effect on me whatsoever.

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zanekal1 said...

If it makes you feel better I remember Nanny in all her reporting glory too