Saturday, August 01, 2009

Some Reader Nominations! Readers Pick The Best Celebrity Blog, The Best Decade For Style, and The Best Superhero.

I haven't been as diligent as I should about keeping up with comments and emails and reader nominations, but it's Saturday morning and my Toaster Strudels haven't cooled down yet, so I've got a little time to kill and some great Reader Nominations for some Bests...

First up: I made my own pick for The Best Celebrity Blog just over a year ago. Anonymous then came along, not so long ago, and served up a rejoineder:

Check out The Hot Slut of the Day segment alone makes it worth visiting.

So I did, and I liked it, and Anonymous was right, and my productivity in July fell 18.2%.

Second: This is becoming almost as controversial as my revelation that the Olsen Twins are identical... I picked the 1950s as the Best Decade For Style, only to have someone nominated the 1920s-1940s as their own Best Decade for Style, which I thought might end it, but then along comes another reader who posits that the actual best decade was the 1940s-1960s:

Although I was born in '90, I'd have to say I like the fashion between 1940-60. don't know why. but I just like it when everyone cares a little bit more on how they look. I'm 18 now and if I try to dress a little bit nicer than jeans and a tshirt I'm asked by everyone what the special occasion was. sheesh...

Sheesh indeed. People: If we can't even agree on how long a decade is, how will we ever settle on one that's the Best for Style?

I do like that an 18-year-old tries to dress nicely. Judging by our own 18-year-olds and near-18-year-olds, I had assumed that sweatpants were now required attire for the public.

And, finally/thirdly, if you want to generate interest and controversy on the Internet, you need do nothing more than mention a superhero of one sort or another. That point is proven by another nomination for The Best Superhero. (Read the whole string here.) This one is from Colin, and goes as follows:
gotta be Batman, his stories are much more interesting,and he had the best TV show ever(BTAS)

I don't know what (BTAS) means, but I like to imagine that it's the Internet equivalent of the Bat Signal, and that Colin has cleverly alerted Batman to head over to my house and beat me up until I agree that he's the Best Superhero... well, bring it on, Colin & Batman. I've got a Ring of Power here that says you're going down.

I hope this ring works. For 3 bucks it'd better.

Keep those comments coming -- selected nominations will get a free t-shirt...

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