Monday, August 24, 2009

A reader agrees with me! (The Best Soda, Reader Nomination!)

Not everything on here is superheroes and comic books, you know, and readers who browse around will likely find that I've at some point or another mentioned something that you know and love. Readers like Anonymous, who, the other day, came across my post The Best Soda Ever, and who did the smartest thing anyone can do: he agreed with me. He said, about Stewart's Orange & Cream Soda:

So True. I just got one about 10 minutes ago. It's like drinking heaven.

And he's right. I'm right. He's right about me being right... I'm getting confused, which is easy for me to do.

Like stuff? You know you do: Let me know what it is and you'll see your nomination moved from a mere comment to an actual post! And you might get a free t-shirt or book out of it.

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