Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring is here! And with it come disturbances, statistics and The TBOE Replay, New Fans, and The Weekly Comment Round-Up.

Well, finally, you cheered up. Maybe it's the fact that spring starts today, March 1 -- and shut up, weathermen and geeks who say it doesn't start today. Why have a calendar at all if we're just going to smack important dates down in the middle of the month? Here at TBOE, spring starts March1. Summer starts June 1. Fall starts September 1. And winter starts December 1.

So because spring was coming, I think the readers cheered up a little. But not a lot. Instead of spending another month mostly looking at The Best Sad Song, February saw "The Ten Best Songs That Make You Feel Good (And Then Feel Bad About Feeling Good)" top the charts as the most popular post in the past month.

So TBOE readers, you at least had a moment of happiness there in the gloom of February, right? Maybe this will cheer you up even more than the prospect that the earth* is everyday tilting a little more towards the sun (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case, I'm sorry.) There's a NEW FAN of TBOE: Welcome Irene Nilson, who has become a fan of mine on Digg. Irene is a 22-year old guy from the US who, judging by his most recent diggs is into gaming, TV, and education; drop him a line and friend him on Digg, will you?

Finally, it's the Comment Roundup. Lisa Pepin, frequent commenter, sometime-blackmailer, and freelance grocery store-cookie pornography photographer (you'll have to read here to find out what that means) left two comments this week.

She caught the oh-so-sly reference to A Wind In The Door, in the MiniBest From Up To Heaven, but suspected I had an ulterior motive:

"...they don't just stick into your head, they actually lodge in your mitochondria." Brilliant. Except now I have an uncontrollable urge to listen to Odelay while reading A Wrinkle in Time. Or maybe that's the reaction you were hoping to inspire?

More disturbing than Lisa's theories of a Beck/Madeleine L'Engle/Me conspiracy... note that I'm not denying it Lisa's revelation about Duckie, left as a comment to my comment roundup, making it a sort of metacomment -- but the sort of metacomment that portends disturbances in the ether. And speaking of disturbances, here's what Lisa had to say about Duckie:

For the record, I liked Duckie as more than a friend. I pictured us holding hands at flea markets and rolling up one another's blazer sleeves to the proper length. When Annie Potts's character said he kissed as if he had been practicing on melons, I wanted a taste.

That's alarming on so many levels. But more alarming yet? While Lisa was dreaming of Duckie's Melon-flavored kisses, I was dreaming of being able to do this dance, which I was sure would impress the chicks and get me some girls... just like it worked for Duckie, right?

What? It didn't work? I've been working on that for 20 years now and I just now find out it didn't work?

*Note: This sentence originally said "the sun is everyday tilting a little more towards the sun," which makes no sense and is proof that Lisa's metacomment is warping reality.

Sigh. Back to practicing this dance, instead.

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lisapepin said...

With this comment, I have now embedded the essences of Beck, Duckie, Charles Wallace, Annie Potts and the Zoops cookies mascot into your DNA. Aren't you glad you already had kids?

lisapepin said...

I'm joking about that, of course. My comments on your comments about my comments won't really rip a hole in the space-time continum. They're totally benign. They're just... Stackable. Like those Russian nesting dolls.