Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ah, the beauty of pregnancy. Now go put on some makeup.

How often is it that you get a chance to do what the stars do, and be healthy?

And by "stars" I mean "people in movies and TV shows and even maybe musicians," not "celestial bodies of gas that are producing heat and light via nuclear fusion." Because I doubt, very much, that you could engage in nuclear fusion and be healthy. Glowing hot, yes. Healthy, no.

My point, and I am pretty sure I have one, is that women like to do what celebrities do, and they like to be healthy, and sometimes those two are at odds. Like when a woman is pregnant, it can be difficult to find beauty products that won't harm their babies.

Or, it COULD be difficult, because it's not anymore. The new line of beauty products from Beaute de Maman has taken care of that. They've developed healthy and beauty products created by a board-certified obstetrician, products designed to treat problems related to pregnancy-related hormonal and other physiological changes experienced during pregnancy.

Which means that you can look your best AND be pregnant, something women have wanted for centuries.

But I promised you celebrities, and I deliver: Beaute de Maman products are owned by celebrity moms-in-waiting, like Victoria Recano from The Insider, and Penelope Ann Miller, as well as actresses on Grey's Anatomy (Chyler Leigh) and Charlie Sheen's new wife.

Healty. Celebrity-associated. Developed by a doctor: Beaute de Maman hits all the marks you need in your beauty products, so go order now.


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