Monday, January 19, 2009

You could still throw in a stuffed animal if you want.

If you know someone who's having a baby this year, what are you going to give them as a baby shower present or gift for their newborn? A blanket? Some sleepers? A gift certificate for a diaper service?

Or would you maybe like to give them, instead, a chance at not dying of some horrible disease? You could do that if you Give the Gift of Cryo-Cell to the parents of that newborn.

Cryo-Cell is a company that helps parents do something they may otherwise overlook: take steps to help their babies with a cure for terrible diseases down the line. Cryo-Cell lets parents of newborns store cord blood, something that must be done immediately after delivery. Storing cord blood from a newborn preserves the stem cells, cells that can be of use in treating 70 different diseases -- leukemia, diabetes, cerebral palsy, and a lot more. And that's only the beginning -- research is unlocking the potential of stem cells more and more each day.

Cryo-Cell has already done this for more than 160,000 samples, and can do it for your newborn or your friends' or families' newborns, too. All you have to do is give those parents-to-be a gift package that they can use for a lot longer, and a lot more, than some blanket or teddy bear. You can click on one of the links in this page to get more information or see the Current Offers.

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