Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome some new readers, and Kate is very smart.

The Best of Everything is pleased to welcome two newly-identified readers.

First up is Tudor Constantin, who, like me, has a couple of blogs that he writes. The one that caught my eye is "Tudor-Virgil Constantin," a blog that includes his thoughts, thoughts that include things that are actually helpful (unlike here), things like 21 hints for a happy life. (I like #21 the best.)

Second up is "Kate," who has chosen to remain anonymous while also defending the honor of yams. Kate read "The Best Part of the Song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight,' and in the great tradition of me and people who think like me, Kate ignored all the window dressing and went right to the heart of the matter: explaining the yam. She writes:

Your sweet potato is NOT a yam. Even though the entire american food industry (and populace) has confused the issue for years and people buy cans labeled "yams" that are truly sweet potatoes. The traditional american diet doesn't include real yams, just two kinds of sweet potatoes, the tan ones that are yellowish inside and the reddish purple ones that are orange inside (as shown on your blog). Real yams belong to a different plant family, and from all I can tell are not pointy at the ends. You can read about them on Wikipedia and about the difference at http://homecooking.about.com/od/howtocookvegetables/a/sweetpotatodiff.htm, among other places, though online there's a ton of confusion about the whole topic!

Kate, I appreciate your explanation and acknowledge that on the surface, you appear to be smarter than I am about a great many things. However, I think we all know what happened here: Big Yam got to Kate, and put pressure on her to write that comment.

Don't worry, though, Kate: There is one man capable of standing up to the Yam Industry's pressure tactics. Unfortunately for you, that man is Batman. But I'll do what I can.

Thanks for reading!

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