Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. I know, she's on a lot of them, but you've read them all.

Can you envision a day when you no longer have to go to the store for anything? I can, and it's a beautiful prospect, out there on the horizon, a sight to long for... what's that? You say you can't see it because you don't have your new contacts and you have to go to the doctor and then "Lens-Makers" or something and wait to get them, all the while trying to flip through the old copy of People magazine and/or drive around when everything's blurry?

Well, maybe you should have gotten your contact lenses from AC Lens -- THE internet source for all kinds of contact lenses. Not only can you go to their website and order the lenses right here and now, but you can save 70% off the lens price in many cases. They can give you credit, and they offer free shipping on some orders, too.

Which means your disposables, long-terms, colored, tinted, bifocal and other contact lenses could be sitting in your mailbox waiting for you to go grab them and get on with your life.

Plus, AC Lens has LensAlert. What's LensAlert? I'm glad you asked. LensAlert is this:


And that's a handy little device that counts down the days until you need new lenses and a new lens case -- so you'll never forget, and your KIDS will never forget, and you'll always see perfectly. It's easy to SEE ... get it? ... why AC Lens & LensAlert got the nod from Woman's World magazine as one of the "Products We Love" in that mag.

There's even an AC Lens blog to give you more information.

So if you just go to AC Lens and order your contacts, then soon enough you'll be able to join me by looking into the distance at that bright future of never having to go to the store again. Plus, you've already read that People.


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