Monday, January 19, 2009

This had all the makings of a very good, very literate piece of work... and then... well, just read it.

Learn more about Anchor Laura Diaz Here

Meet Anchor Laura Diaz of the CBS 2 KCAL 9 News team. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz is a So-Cal native and first generation Mexican-American.

Why should you care who she is? I'll tell you: Anchor Laura Diaz made history by becoming, in 1997, the first female Hispanic weekday news anchor on a Los Angeles-area English language broadcast -- a lengthy way to describe the fact that she broke ground and did it in a big way. Since then, she's gone on to bigger and better and greater things, joining KCBS-TV in 2002 as the 5 and 11 co-anchor, and has served as the host of "Vista L.A.", a public affair program in Southern California.

CBS Anchor Laura Diaz has done all that as the daughter of farm laborers, getting a college degree after growing up in that humble background, and has used her dedication and skill to cover major stories including covering the 1992 Losa Angels Riots and 1994 Northridge earthquake. The shows she's been on have earned awards while she hosted them, including Emmys.

How many Emmys?

Try seven.

Seven Emmys, earthquake and riot coverage, first-evers... she's done all that while she's devoted substantial amounts of time to charity work.

So that's why you should meet Laura Diaz. Because that kind of phenomenalosity deserves to be recognized.


I said "phenomenalosity."


It's probably a word. Or it should be.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post. I guess you have to be really good to be a CBS Anchor. Sheesh!