Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Plus, I will probably need a lumberjack-ish shirt. One with extra spots for all my manly muscles.

I have been on a real home improvement kick this year -- I built me a walk-in closet, and I cleaned out the garage, and I cleaned the gutters, and the next thing I might do is start reining in the overwhelming abundance of trees in our yard.

And for that I will need the RIGHT EQUIPMENT, which means I will need to check out the stuff available at www.sherrilltree.com.  Believe me, I have learned the hard way that trying to do something with the wrong tools just makes it harder and less effective.  That's why it took me four days to pull down our old shed years ago -- and I'm not going to spend the next few weeks (or months!) dealing with these trees.

Sherrill Tree has got all the tools you'll need whether you're a weekend warrior like me or a professional arborist doing this for a living: stuff to help you climb up the trees, get rid of dead branches, prune trees back, everything you might need to do.

And I need to do something, because things are bad.  There's this one tree that overhangs our roof and it's got about a zillion smaller branches, many of them already dead, on it -- and all I need is for a windstorm to come along and knock that thing off and take out our satellite dish or do some serious damage to our roof.

So I'm going to be doing this, for real, and it's just my luck that I may probably have to buy some extremely cool gear like chainsaws and spiky boots and that little belt thing guys use to climb trees.  I mean, what guy WANTS to have to buy stuff like that? Not me, Sweetie. It's a necessity.


Andrew Leon said...

Come clean my gutters.

Andrew Leon said...

Wait... that doesn't sound right.