Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Patrick Byrne: A CEO from a different mold.

It's common these days to paint with a broad brush when talking about groups of people -- like corporate CEO's, who tend to have a bad rap in this era of #occupy protests.

But lumping all CEOs in to the same bad group ignores the good ones, like Patrick Byrne.

Byrne, the CEO of Overstock.com is anything but a prototypical 1%er CEO.  He's been running Overstock.com since 1997, became its CEO in 1999 -- but rather than act the way we might expect, Byrne began using his influence for good.

An example? He started, in 2005, a campaign to end 'naked short selling,' a campaign which saw him accuse one trader of being a "Sith Lord" (AWESOME Star Wars Reference) and sabotaging his shareholders' prices.

Byrne now serves on the board of "First Class Education," a lobbying group trying to make sure 65% of all school funding is spent for the classrooms; as a longtime opponent of inflated pay for administrators, I wholeheartedly back that. Byrne's commitment to education is impressive: he spent nearly $4,000,000 of his own money pushing school reform in Utah.

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Andrew Leon said...

That's pretty cool.

Did you know that Lucas put all $4billion of his Star Wars sale into his Edutopia program?