Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hair's a little tip for you. (See what I did there?)

As a guy, and particularly as a guy with thinning, weak hair that is rapidly graying, I do not normally spend a lot of time thinking about hair styling and hair accessories.

But as a guy who is married to a woman, and who has raised to daughters, I have probably had to spend more than my fair share of time thinking about just that kind of thing, since women place an emphasis on their hair. Or at least the women in my household do.

Which is why I can share with you my find:http://finefeatherheads.com/ , which is sort of the newest hottest thing around for hair style, or so I am told, since I also am not the kind of person who knows when things are new, hot, or in style. (Or so I am told.)

Anyway, what this site mostly has is "feather hair extensions," which is a modernist and/or naturalist take on the traditional hair extensions, incorporating feathers into the look, and while the look may not be for everyone, it is striking and I could see people really liking it.  The site also has something called "hair chalk," which is almost exactly what it sounds like -- a coloring product that apparently lets girls get that dramatic hair they sometimes want as teens (think pinks and purples) without the change being as permanent as dye, so they could get their rebellion in and still not ruin the family photo at Christmas time.

So it's definitely a site worth checking out if you have hair and want to show it off.

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