Saturday, October 05, 2013

I think I WILL use it to discuss t-shirts. Some day.

As I ponder what will become of this website next, and as I think "I will use it to discuss t-shirts," so the pondering is DONE, let me take a break from discussing all those t-shirts with you to say this:

You can get  hot shopping deals at Best Online Coupons.  Today is the day that I spread the word about this site, again, telling you ONCE MORE about the only website you ought to have bookmarked on your computer, because Best Online Coupons is your destination site for deals.

Deals like discount video game deals.  Don't you WANT new video games? You should: people are DONE with "Zaxxon," man!  Upgrade: get some "Rayman," or "Lego Lord Of The Rings" by clicking that link -- they're about 1/3 off, and that's a big savings!

And while you're at it, maybe upgrade your computer with some of Best Online Coupons' discount computers: you can get gaming computers like the Newegg Cyperpower PC gaming computer for 1/3 off, too -- that's saving like two hundred dollars!

Aren't you glad I told you about that stuff, instead of t-shirts? Of course you are: and there's more.  Best Online Coupons saves you money no matter what you are looking to buy.  Here's some free advice (free, like many of the deals you can get on the site!): whenever you want or need something, go to Best Online Coupons first, and see what kind of deals you can get. Heck, maybe don't even wait: just go there daily and start upgrading all your old stuff.  New computer in, old computer OUT.  New shirts in, old shirts OUT.  New friends in, old friends OUT.  Sorry, Steve: you're not making this cut. Good luck with your new life.

Aw, wait: Steve, I can't quit you.  C'mon, let's play some Rayman! Dibs on the new controllers I got on a discount.

DISCLAIMER: Best Online Coupons can help you save money on every thing you buy, and help you get deals on shipping.  It cannot actually replace your friends, which is lucky for Steve, who would not be at risk if he'd just learn not to interrupt people while they are telling a joke.  SERIOUSLY, STEVE.

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