Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Now I want to learn to play violin. Or RAP. (Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs)

Mr Bunches loves the song "Can't Hold Us," by Macklemore:

So much so that he will watch it over and over and also, he can sing the chorus.  So far, Mr Bunches has eluded by efforts to get him on tape singing the song, but someday...

...anyway, that's how I know this song exists.  Today, I saw on The Chive that this exists:

That's some guy who's apparently famous for violin covers of songs.

Macklemore, by the way, ought to be an inspiration to any DIYer of the indie book/music/movie age.  30 years old, Macklemore has been releasing his music independently since 2000, never on a major label, and his song "Thrift Shop"

which is a song that I love, and Sweetie hates, has been viewed 350,000,000 times and hit #1 on the charts -- all without a major label behind it.  It sold 2,200,000 copies so far.

"Can't Hold Us," which is equally if differently cool, debuted at #1.  It was featured in two different commercials last year, which probably helped him keep his indie status as a recording artist because licensing your music (i.e. wanting to make money off of what you do) is how recording artists can make money and still put songs on Youtube for free.

Also, the song "My Oh My" by Macklemore was a tribute to the late sportscaster Dave Niehaus:

which got Macklemore the chance to sing it at a Mariners game, and he's donating the proceeds of the song to the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club.

Seems like a nice guy.


Carlos DangerYou know him. Or you don't want to know him. Or you know him but you don't want to know him. Or you don't know him but you don't know that you don't know him. Whatever. Most certainly, you don't want him for mayor of New York City. But nobody can stop him. He's Carlos Danger, and he is unstoppable. Just look at the shirt! "Carlos Danger laughs at other dangers". Do you think that is a joke? DO YOU? It's not. Carlos Danger is above jokes. He is deadly serious, and he will be your mayor. And you will count yourself lucky for it. You will count yourself lucky, twice. Or more. Because Carlos Danger doesn't stop.


Carlos Danger by brianefp

Don't know who "Carlos Danger" is? READ SOME NEWS then come back and buy this shirt.


Andrew Leon said...

I've heard one of his songs, but I don't know which one. I don't hang around the you tubes very often.

Briane P said...

You've got to get kids to listen to music. Don't your kids constantly inundate you with music that you tell them is stupid and then secretly like? That's how it was with me and my dad (Herb Alpert) and me and my kids (rap in general)

Andrew Leon said...

No, not really. The one that listen to music listen to it directly into their ears.

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