Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art here! Get your art here!

Have you ever wanted to own some great art but didn't want to go to all the trouble of assembling the crack squad of cat burglars, tech geniuses and getaway men necessary to get a good painting?  It's a lot of trouble, isn't it, getting blueprints to the Louvre, bribing the proper French officials, having a small plane waiting to take you to Algeria, and then what? You still have to find a place to put that Mona Lisa and your wife thinks it looks terrible over the couch.

Instead of going through all that, why not check out the  Fabian Perez Art on sale at Paragon Fine Art?

These Fabian Perez Paintings, paintings like this:

exhibit a sense of composition and drama that makes them nearly jump off the canvas, each painting telling a story and broadcasting emotions so that the paintings do more than simply hang on a wall: they illuminate a room and give it an identity.

Perez isn't the only artist that Paragon has for sale; they've got art for every taste and every buge, whether you want a Pino or something larger or smaller or rarer.  Use them to decorate your home, your office, wherever you need a bit of class.

And tell the old gang you've gone straight.  No, not even one last job.  Not even for old times' sake.

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Andrew Leon said...

I think my wife would like that painting.