Friday, July 05, 2013


So everyone knows Jessica Bell, right? I bet you do.  If you don't, you should at least introduce yourself to her.  She's right over there, in the shirt. With the hair.  Her.  Go on up. She won't bite.

Anyway: Jessica Bell is an author/musician who has done several great things, all of which I'll tell you about quickly, becuase I know that Internet readers will only read about 14 words before requiring a picture of a cat doing judo.

Jessica Bell, as I was saying, Jessica's done a lot of stuff, and I'm going to mention it, beginning with

Indiestructable: Inspiring Stories From The Publishing Jungle.  This book is a collection of true-life stories from indie authors about how they achieved the phenomenal success that people like you are dreaming of.  Read it and you'll learn how to do it yourself.  Seriously, this book will give you a great insight into being an indie author, insight that otherwise you'd have to learn on the street, the hard way, from roving gangs of tough young indie authors who'd split your skull faster than you could split an infinitive. I went to a dark place there. Don't make the same mistake; the book comes out in September, but you can like it on Goodreads.  I contributed an essay, as did Leigh Talbot Moore, scifi authors Michael Offutt and Alex Cavanaugh, and others!

Jessica's also got a book called String Bridge, about a woman who wanted to be a musician, became a wife and mother instead, and now wants to go back into being a musician.  It sounds wonderful, and the reason I'm mentioning it is (a) that thing about it sounding great, and (b) Jessica's got A SOUNDTRACK TO THE BOOK, which is a thing I always thought should happen, and not only that, but if you buy the book you'll get a free copy of the soundtrack. PLUS, the book is only $0.99 from July 5 through the weekend, so that's like getting it EXTRAFREE. ("Extrafree" Copyright me 2013).

You can buy String Bridge here on Amazon, and get details on the free music here at Jessica's website.

Here's a sample of the kind of music you get, music which apparently is written and performed by Jessica herself? I think so. I didn't read the whole email:

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Jessica Bell said...

LOL! PS: I think about your essay in Indiestructible all the time and STILL manage a giggle. Even after editing overdose!