Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Like Andy Bernard (Nonsportsmanlike Conduct!)

So I am perhaps a little behind on my keeping up with tracking all the many people Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn't like, a list that includes his own teammates, Jessica Szohr, and cancer patients, but don't blame me: blame the fact that The Office got so lame in the last season or so, practically forcing me not to watch the final episode of the show until last night, when, for some reason* (*couldn't sleep/didn't want to wait the interminable length of time it takes an issue of The New Yorker to download on a Kindle) I decided to finally give it a look-see, and saw that the most remarkable cameo on the show wasn't the OBVIOUS reappearance of Steve Carell, which no matter how you try to spin it was going to happen no matter what.

Did anyone ever actually believe that? Here is just a smattering of headlines from early May, 2013, a more innocent era when publicists actually thought someone would believe that Steve Carell would skip the finale of the series that made him a star:

While THIS is a list of things Steve Carell has done lately that have achieved any success:

1. Despicable Me, 2010.

Which, I might add,came out BEFORE he left The Office, which he did only 2 years ago, to thundering silience in the showbiz community. Also, it was 2010, so I'm using "lately" very loosely in that sentence.  As loosely as Steve Carell's agent uses the word "career."

So anyone who thought that Steve Carell wouldn't come back to The Office for the finale -- you know, when he also had a new movie coming out (Despicable Me, 2, as it happens), is simply dumb.  

While I am on the subject of making a point about things that happened several months ago (The Office finale) or which are irrelevant (Steve Carell) let me add that the surprising thing to me in the finale was the presence of Green Bay Packer/guy who has played in less Super Bowls than Brett Favre, Aaron (The Anointed One) Rodgers:

That is not the clip that appeared on the show.  On the show, Aaron's big line was telling Andy Bernard he's no good.  

So why Green Bay's Anointed One, who hails from California, on a show about a paper company in Pennsylvania with a mock a cappella (don't say mockapella ARRRGH!) competition in town?

Hard to say.  Rodgers does run a small record label and has been known to sing in the past:

 But I think it's just all part of the Packers' master plans for their quarterback.  Win a Super Bowl, appear in a cameo role, inspire an awesome tribute song:

I don't like Aaron Rodgers, but I love that song. Does Brett Favre have a song about him?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Yes:

The girl at the top of this post? A-Rodg's girlfriend/rumored fiancee, Destiny Newton:


Pat Dilloway said...

I think "Crazy Stupid Love" did good at the box office, though that was more due to Ryan Gosling's abs than Steve Carrell.

Briane P said...

Opening weekend it finished 5th, just ahead of "Friends With Benefits" but behind "Smurfs," "Cowboys & Aliens," "Captain America" and "Harry Potter Something Part 2," both of the latter of which were in week 2.

It ranked 36th for the year, just ahead of "Battle: Los Angeles."

So "pretty good" equals "Not quite as good as 'The Green Hornet' which made $15,000,000 more that year."