Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybe I'm getting a little lax on the rhyming thing? (Poems 32 and 33)

But whattaya gonna do about it, huh? That's what I'd like to know.

These poems are part of the many moods of a Friday:

Hot Actress: Elizabeth Banks
(ALSO: NSFW? Sorry that's a bit late.)

A Note on Absence

by Martin Corless-Smith

The story over having wished it otherwise

The water surface/friendship

The drunk euphoric

Good Friday music

Not in this lifetime

A fig tree grows

No miserable deed will do

Space and time, dimensions that just bring more of this

For anyone who has a nose

Show gratitude

A king sat in a box

8 p.m. Friday

rain defeating snow

a space too narrow to pass through

Hot Actor:
Chris Hemsworth

I wish I'd written this poem.  I'm glad I read it:

Battle of Will & Exhaustion, Mother & Child

  by Jenny Factor

Two knights surrounded by dinosaurs
are cornered in the kitchen--all threat and bluster.
Action figures always act
even as night tries to soothe them under.

I am the one who laid a nervous hand
on a child's exhausted threat and bluster.
The bunk bed creaks as the story settles,
as night's cool hand tries to soothe us. Under

a Seussian drone I am thinking, anxious,
about someone with a nervous hand.
Will he sleep? Will he sleep? When will he sleep?
The bunk bed creaks as the shipboard settles.

What is the myth of a woman alone
who's thinking through Seuss? Her thoughts are drones
serving a terrible queen of their own.
Can she sleep? Will she sleep? When will she sleep?

The toilet's crystalline drip and the ghosts
of the walls are a myth. And this woman, alone,
is a captain steering too close to the rocks
where the ocean is serving a terrible queen.

Up on the cliff of a Friday midnight
the toilet's crystalline drip and the ghost-
ly snore of the sleepy one riding his dragons
can steer this sad captain away from her rocks.

"Rock me to sleep," cries the wild girl at twenty
up on the cliff with a young man at midnight.
Far below, waves from the sea of Alaska
snore back and forth filled with moon's breath and dragon.

Up on the cliff of a Friday's midnight,
rock me to sleep with the sound that the fridge makes.
Warmth of a tub, hole of a drain.
Memories sleep in the seas of Alaska.

Action figures always act
upon the cliff of a Friday's midnight.
Warmth of a bird's heart. Chill of a stone.
Two knights surrendered. The dinos snore.

Hot actress:
Malin Ackerman

I had another one, but it was long and I'll leave it for another Friday, perhaps.


PT Dilloway, Grumpy Bulldog said...

Cool, so you have Thor and Silk Spectre (II). Who would win in a fight?

Andrew Leon said...

That first one doesn't even pass as prose. It's more like Joyce with stream-of-phrases that mean nothing.

However, I love that second one. That's really good. I'm gonna have to read it some more.

Lara Schiffbauer said...

You know, I'm too afraid I'll look stupid if I comment. I'm terrible at understanding the abstract. I like writing poetry though. How weird is that? Have a happy weekend. :)

Briane P said...


Have you even READ some of my comments on people's blogs? Never worry about looking stupid around here. I outrank everyone on the Stupidosity Scale. Which isn't even a thing -- shows how stupid I am.


I kind of like the first one for its own merits but the second one wowed me.


I don't even know who Silk Spectre is. And I can never remember which Hemsworth is Thor and which is no longer engaged to Miley Cyrus.

And Lara: now you know why I leave such stupid comments: Because 98% of my brain is devoted to trying to remember who is no longer engaged to Miley Cyrus.