Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Consumer Portfolio Services: "We're doing very well."

I remember an old Seinfeld joke that goes something like "Why does McDonald's keep counting? 80 billion million, always going up.  Why not just say: McDonald's, we're doing very well?"

That's what I was thinking as I read a recent review of how the stock for Consumer Portfolio Services was doing.

Consumer Portfolio Services is a specialty lender dealing in subprime auto loans; that is to say, they're a company that helps people with poor credit get auto loans, and, like the hypothetical company in Jerry's joke, they too, are doing very well.  The article that I read (that link goes to it) points out that Consumer Portfolio Services was one of the stocks that appeared to weather the recent recession very well, and  notes that while the market as a whole has been rising, there is no "market as a whole" when it comes to investing: there are stocks and stock sectors, some of which are doing better and some of which are doing worse.

The ability to ride out a recession and continue to make profits and have your stock do well speaks volumes on behalf of a company, and this company appears worth following and knowing more about.


Michael Offutt, S.F.A. said...

I'm investing in Large Cap mutual funds.

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