Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Danny DeMichele's book, "Complaints, Reviews, and Legal Extortion" can help you avoid the trouble it's meant to help solve.

The other day I mentioned a new book -- "Complaints, Reviews, and Legal Extortion" by Danny DeMichele, a book that can help business owners protect their online reputation.

You, as a small business owner (or large business owner!) might be thinking "yeah, well, I checked and there are no negative reviews of my business," and so you didn't go order the book,which was a mistake.

DeMichele's book doesn't just tell you what to do once a negative, often slanderous, review is posted about you.  It tells you how to avoid getting one in the first place.  As DeMichele notes on his website, oftentimes by the time a negative review is up, it's too late and way too expensive and hard to undo the damage.  The best defense is a good offense, and DeMichele's advice can help you work out a system to avoid getting negative information posted about you in the first place.

Reading about how Danny DeMichele Reviews systems can help you is well worth the cost of his book.  Go check it out and download it now.