Saturday, March 16, 2013

There is no picture of January Jones in this post. That makes it SUPERintelligent.

Let me address you directly, my reader(s?), who are sitting out there in Internet land, probably in your boxer shorts and a tank top that you got from the "Vangelis Reunion '97" tour ("Now featuring 90% more synths!") while reading this blog and wondering if there is any Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch left...

... or is that just me?

Anyhow, you're probably wondering how it is that I stay so on top of current scientific-ish discoveries and news, how I ALWAYS know what the latest science... thing ... is and can talk about it intelligently.

(NOTE: just bear with me, here, and pretend that "making puns about stuff and putting a picture of January Jones next to it" = "talking about something intelligently."

How I do it is I get my technology news 2013 from SciTech Daily.  I have got that site bookmarked and I read it almost every day, because it's a great source of awesome science articles and news.

Like there are articles on there right now with the latest  science news about nebulas and planetary systems and biology news like how researchers have grown bioengineered teeth, which, okay, GROSS but also fascinating.

Sorry, I find teeth disgusting.  Have you ever looked at them? Blech. But the point is that I know that scientists are growing genetically engineered teeth that will eventually take over the world via a supertooth named "ToothNet" and send its teeth back in time to stop the fluoridation of water, because I read SciTech Daily.*

(*Note: I haven't finished the article yet. I'm extrapolating from the headline.)

But now SciTech got even better because on top of the geek news they offer, they've got links and coupons and promo codes right there on their site for all kinds of stuff you have to or want to buy,  so you can be reading awesome science stories and then when you realize that you haven't picked up the printer ink your wife asked for, you can go order it and save some money on it, which you can then use to order flowers to be delivered because, technically, you are two hours late getting home.  Those articles are fascinating! You're going to be late.

But that's the thing: all the stuff you really want is on one site.  Planets! Mummies! Teeth! Coupons!  It's my favorite site, and it doesn't care if you wear your Flock of Seagulls t-shirt to read it.  Unlike me. I'm imposing a dress code on this blog. Go put on some pants.


Andrew Leon said...

I miss peanut butter Cap's Crunch...:(

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