Monday, March 11, 2013

HA HA HACKERS you can't get me anymore! *sticks tongue out, remembers hackers cannot see that through computer, does it anyway*

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All right.
So I have two laptops at home, ORDINARILY but for now we are down to just one because, to quote my computer guy about the other one:
"Yeah, it had a virus on it."
And I'm out $100 or so to have him fix it, PLUS I had to live with it working slowly for two weeks PLUS I had to have it out of my house for over a week, which means that during the last week I've had only one computer in the house, which is terrible because it means that I am constantly getting kicked off the computer so that the kids can watch "The Rugrats Movie" on Netflix, and I don't mind them watching that but what about ME? I need to be reading people's blogs, and looking at pictures of celebrities with horrible plastic surgery, or perhaps actually writing something myself.
So the point is: Viruses suck and it's awful when your computer gets one, which is why I was intrigued recently to find out about VIPRE Internet Security.
Seriously, I have probably tried about 20 different security programs and antivirus programs and whatnot, and NONE of them have worked, and I think the problem is that most programs are set up for viruses that exist when the programs are made, and getting one of those programs and installing it is great if hackers are trying to get your computer 2 years ago, but most things occur "in the present" as scientists say.
So this Vipre Internet Security program has firewalls, spam filters, and bad website blocking.  That's pretty basic.  But what it also has is this "Easy Update" feature where Vipre will automatically update to keep old programs from getting security problems.  So you can use your Java or iTunes or whatever and as the program gets older and more vulnerable, Vipre fixes it for you.
AND, Vipre has free tech support.  FREE.
I've been using Vipre for a while now, on the second laptop, and I can say that it's avoided problems so far.  I know it's early, but I bet if I'd had this on my other computer, I wouldn't have gotten my email hacked and I wouldn't have spent that $100 on fixing that one virus.  It's easy to install, and it doesn't slow down my computer.  (One program I had, you'd run the security program and it basically shut down your computer for hours.  We had to run it only at night just before going to bed, in hopes it would be done by morning. I think it mostly protected the computer by not letting anyone use it.)
So when I get that other one back, it's getting VIpre, too. If you have virus and security problems -- and you DO -- check out Vipre.  I bet you'll like it as much as I do.

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Andrew Leon said...

viruses do suck...

there should be a poem

PT Dilloway, Grumpy Bulldog said...

Hopefully then your email won't be sending out a bunch of spam emails.