Saturday, February 16, 2013

So you'd want a "Tinier Stegosaurus" refrigerator magnet, right?

In the long, gray days between the Super Bowl and when we can see grass again in Wisconsin, I often times find myself looking around for new things to do, or things to cheer me up, or projects to work on, something like that -- and that is why the Vistaprint deals from Best Online Coupons are so welcome at this time of the year: because it makes it easier to get going on a new project.

Here's one I've been thinking of: a book of postcards based on my "Tinier Stegosaurus" pictures and other kinds of pictures I've been taking and posting here and there.  I love taking pictures, and I've been thinking how I could start making some money off of..., share them with the world.

So this Vistaprint coupon code 2013 from Best Online Coupons might be just the thing for that. From photo calendars to rubber stamps with my designs to custom-print services, they've got all kinds of neat deals on unique products that I could get going on and use as a new way to be creative.

And, yeah, to make money.

The nice thing about the promo codes February 2013 that Best Online Coupons is offering is it lets me get creative without investing a ton of money.  I could use their coupons to get a free photo calendar and see how it looks, then maybe order some up and give them out to people as prizes on my blog-- with excerpts from my books and stuff like that so people are every day reminded that they should go check out what I'm writing.

In fact, I could do a Three Good Things calendar... and more!  And more!  OK, cancel work this week...

Anyway, the coupon codes are really good, and Vistaprint is great for small businesses or print jobs that you can't do on your own but don't want to spend a lot of money on.  And while you're there, check out the other deals they've got.  Best Online Coupons has deals on clothes, electronics, books, and pretty much everything you can imagine.

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