Saturday, February 09, 2013

Alliant Group: Your ally against the WORST ENEMY IN YOUR WORLD.

Now is probably a good time to address your tax problem.

What tax problem? You say?  How about this: the tax problem caused by the fact that you are responsible for keeping the books for your small business, and you delegated that responsibility to that one college kid you hired two months ago who had the fancy laptop and he hasn't come around since exam time?

That tax problem.

OK, that's not a common one, but whatever your tax problems -- or any small business tax question -- you should be working with Alliant Group, because they can help you.  On the subject of taxes and audits, for example, they have a Tax Controversy Services team that'll help you get through the scariest thing anyone will ever face: an IRS audit.  They'll help you pick the right information to provide, answer the questions the IRS asks ("How would you like to be imprisoned?") correctly ("I would like NOT to be!") and otherwise assist you through the process.

Running a small business is YOUR job.  Helping your small business succeed through smart tax planning is Alliant Group's job.  Why do more than one job? Click that link and let someone else do the work.

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