Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pepe Fanjul: Exactly the kind of story America likes.

Meet Pepe Fanjul, a person you should know.

Born in Havana in 1909, Pepe's family was a powerful, wealthy group until Fidel Castro took over in Cuba, taking all their assets and causing Pepe's family to flee and seek asylum in New York.

That didn't stop Pepe, who only a year later purchased 4,000 acres of land and began sugar production here in the States.  Pepe Fanjul got his sons involved in the company, and before long his family was helping run the Florida Sugar Cane League, the Florida Sugar Marketing and Terminal Association, and other groups.  One of Pepe's sons founded Biscayne College; his daughter was a co-founder of a charity.

This family had everything, then  nothing, and has now built up the American Dream again, proving that hard work can lead you to success, and that inspiration is almost everywhere you care to look.

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