Wednesday, November 02, 2011

When I say nobody's perfect, I'm obviously excluding ME. (Awesome Covers Of Already Awesome Songs)(Star Wars References)

The only Michael Jackson song I've ever liked was Will You Be There, which I think of as the Free Willy song:

I've always been uncomfortable liking that song, because I'm never sure where to draw the line when someone I should disapprove of does something that I approve of. I mean, pobody's nerfect, right?

Oh, my God, I'm sorry I wrote that. But it felt so good. Anyway, where do you decide you can't like someone anymore? It seems pretty obvious that I shouldn't (and don't) root for Michael Vick, but, then, he did his time and Tony Dungy, who's practically a saint, likes him, so what do I do about that?

And Michael Jackson? He was crazy, sure, and I tend to believe the rumors about him, but then, he was acquitted, right, so shouldn't we credit that? Of course, then you also have to believe Casey Anthony walk using her white trash powers to trick the jury (flashing her bra at them, I assume. Seems to work, down south.)

So here I am, in a moral limbo: love the song, hate the sinner, as Jesus would've said if He had an iPod, which He probably does. I mean, it's Heaven, after all. They've probably got the latest technology. Wouldn't they? Why wouldn't they?

What do you suppose Jesus would have on his iPod? I bet not a lot of country. Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, but that's it.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah: Moral dilemma solved: I get to like Will You Be There a/k/a The Free Willy Song and still hate people, thanks to Ida Jo and the Show's cover:

I love me some fiddle, especially fiddle without ethical complications.

P.S.: if you click this link you'll see a clip that demonstrates the obvious way to improve not just the ending to Free Willy, but any movie. I'd have embedded it here but for some reason, the person who made the clip won't let me do that. Ordinarily, that would make me not even mention the video because what's the point of being stupid like that? Videos are on Youtube to share, but I have to go to your youtube channel to watch them? This is AMERICA, for Pete's sake. Why did I even bother voting in the last election?

Anyway, it was good enough that I broke my rule and linked to it. So go watch it.


Rogue Mutt said...

Not to be too serious, but I think we tend to separate the art and the artist. Obviously a lot of athletes are not good people and yet we still root for them anyway if they play for our team. (Or just root for the team and not that person specifically like how I still root for the Red Wings but not Todd Bertuzzi, who crippled another player and got away scot free.)

And I'm sure a lot of writers are jerks too, but that doesn't mean they can't write a good book.

Or just because Michael Richards is a racist scumbag doesn't mean I all the sudden hate watching Seinfeld reruns. Same for Mel Gibson, etc.

Conversely some people might be really good and yet I hate them. Like maybe Will Farrell is a really nice guy, but I still hate about everything he's ever done.

But then unlike most of America I don't follow the personal lives of celebrities because I don't care who they're dating or how big their crib is or whatnot.

Stephen Hayes said...

Michael Jackson was certainly a genius, a very troubled one, but this seems to be a characteristic of genius. I have a grudge against him because I had tickets to see him during the "Thriller" frenzy and he was a no-show! Would you believe I've never seen Free Willy?