Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Off The Top Of My Head: Table of Contents

Here's all the lists I've got so far:

The Best Sci-fi books, etc., that have nothing to do with Star Wars Or Star Trek.

The Best (?) Smurfs I Can Remember Without Cheating.

The Best Movies Everyone But Me Seems To Have Seen

The Best Rings In Pop Culture.

The Best Books I Ever Read

The Best Obscure TV Shows I'm Pretty Sure Only I Watched.

The Best Movies In Which A Dance Featured Prominently

Gut feelings count for something, right? They do if you read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and/or if you'd like to set up a system for your life where you never have to ponder anything or do research and instead can justify everything by saying something like gut feelings count for something.

That's how I came up with the concept for Off The Top Of My Head. Well, that and that I keep trying to come up with posts that won't take me three weeks to write and you three weeks to read. I thought to myself "How can I get some filler for this blog"

That is, I thought to myself "How can I create posts that are quick to read and yet create the same thought-provoking response that most of my posts here do?"

And the answer was to go with my gut feelings: To create, from time to time, lists that I write up as fast as possible without any, or at least much, explanation of the contents of that list. Here's how it works:

I think up a topic.

I begin typing the entries on the list for that topic.

As soon as my mind goes blank, I stop.

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